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Conjunto tabla de la boda

Our Menus

Authenticity is what you will find here.  We take simple ingredients, that are locally sourced and organic and elevate them to their fullest potential of texture and flavor. A meal with us not only is appealing to the eye but will excite the other senses and will take you on our culinary journey. 

Holiday Appetizers & Desserts

Check out our Holiday Appetizers & Desserts Menu here.


Check out our Appetizers menu


Beverage Station

Check out our Beverage Station menu here.

Brunch Buffet

Check out our Brunch Buffet Menu here.

Buffet Family Style

Check out our Buffet Family Style Menu here.

Buffet Vegan Family Style

Check out our Buffet Vegan

Family Style Menu


Dessert Station

Check out our Dessert Station Menu here.

Grazing Table

Check out our Grazing Table Menu here.

Kids Food Station

Check out our Food Station Menu here.

Food Stations

Check out

our Food

Stations Menu


Vegan Appetizers

Check out our Vegan

Appetizers Menu


Wedding Appetizers

Check out our Wedding Appetizers Menu 


Wedding Package

Check out our Wedding Package Menu 


From Our Customers:

Claire M.

Wow! May I just say the Far Out Catering team went far beyond my expectations when planning my wedding menu. I worked closely with Carla and Kiah. As I gave them my disorderly vision of a wedding, they were able to send me these beautiful menus that we combed through together to create a concise elevated wedding menu that all my guests LOVED!”

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